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2022 Victorian Conference Announcements

2022 Melbourne, Victoria Conference Announcements




1) Going into Mt Roskill NZ ​​out of Central Auk, NZ​      Damian and Kayla Ninsaeng

2) Going into Guwahati City, India​out of Sarjapur road, India   Peter and Monalisha Rajabon

3) Going into Mysuru City, India​out of OARd, In​​     Rakesh and Bhavya Ravi



1) Going into Sarjapur road, India​out of OARd, In​​      Rajesh and Merlin Gunashekar

2) Going into Papakura NZ​​out of Central Auk, NZ​      Chas & Jem Ngaha

4) Taking Burnside, Vic​​out of Papakura​​      Brent and Sharni Underwood



Going into Guangzhou​​out of Macau​​      Silongand Sandy Cheng


Coming on to Assist, Footscray​out of Burnside​​      Fritz and Claudia HELG


Coming on as O/R directors in Footscray​​​​      Vishal and Brie Shinde


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