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2022 Victorian Conference Announcements

2022 Melbourne, Victoria Conference Announcements




1) Going into Mt Roskill NZ ​​out of Central Auk, NZ      Damian and Kayla Ninsaeng

2) Going into Guwahati City, Indiaout of Sarjapur road, India   Peter and Monalisha Rajabon

3) Going into Mysuru City, Indiaout of OARd, In​​     Rakesh and Bhavya Ravi



1) Going into Sarjapur road, Indiaout of OARd, In​​      Rajesh and Merlin Gunashekar

2) Going into Papakura NZ​​out of Central Auk, NZ      Chas & Jem Ngaha

4) Taking Burnside, Vic​​out of Papakura​​      Brent and Sharni Underwood



Going into Guangzhou​​out of Macau​​      Silongand Sandy Cheng


Coming on to Assist, Footscrayout of Burnside​​      Fritz and Claudia HELG


Coming on as O/R directors in Footscray​​​​      Vishal and Brie Shinde


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