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Evangelism 101 - Introduction

Suppose I call you up and give you an invitation to come to my house.

You’ve never been here before so you need directions.

There are two ways I could direct you.

  1. I could give you my address and provide an accurate picture of where I live.

  2. I could say, “flee from your house – just drive from your house as fast as possible and don’t look back.”

Do you see the difference? In both cases, you’re going to leave your house. That’s guaranteed. But only by trusting my directions will you arrive at my house.

For people to repent (change their minds) Jesus preached the good news of the kingdom. He painted a picture of where God wanted them to be and he gave them clear directions on how to get there…not just to flee from sin.

This is exactly what street preaching and witnessing is all about…leading people away from sin and inviting them into the Kingdom of God.

Link to Priciple 1

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